Join us in achieving Fundamental Change

Wageningen University & Research is pleased to present some promising and important research projects in which you are invited to participate as a philanthropic partner. Together we can make these projects happen and find solutions for the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goals.

There are few institutions whose mission is as relevant and urgent as that of Wageningen University & Research (WUR): ‘to explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’. For a century now, WUR has been working on complex social issues in the areas of agriculture, food, the environment, nature and the countryside. The urgent problems of climate change, health and urbanization have been added to that list in recent years. All issues that are now attracting international attention. The member countries of the United Nations recently reached agreement on coordinated approaches to these major global issues in the form of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But the concrete goals formulated for 2030 can only be achieved if we search for solutions together.

The Sustainable Development Goals can only be achieved if we search for solutions together

WUR is making a significant contribution to the SDGs in numerous ways. We do this in close cooperation with other science institutes, government agencies, businesses and non-profit organizations. We are searching for solutions based on the combination of natural sciences, technology and social sciences. Our focus is on food, living conditions and health. Our scientific breakthroughs can quickly be put into practice thanks to our combination of fundamental and applied research. What is more, the further dissemination and application of our results is ensured through the education we provide to our 12,000 students and 1800 PhD candidates.

Philanthropic partners are essential in realizing breakthroughs

The interdependence and complexity of those global issues requires the type of research in which we at Wageningen excel. But these challenges also require collaboration with philanthropic partners who, together with us, use their knowledge, influence and assets to create the necessary fundamental changes. The opportunities that philanthropic partners can offer to our researchers are essential in realizing breakthroughs. The opportunity to be able to carry out free, independent and daring research that can lead to groundbreaking insights. Together with you, we can make a difference in achieving the SDGs.

The research projects presented here offer a variety of opportunities for philanthropic partners to help bring about Fundamental Change. Combined with stories about recent achievements and our vision on how to contribute to the SDGs, we hope they will inspire you to join forces with Wageningen University & Research. Please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues at the University Fund Wageningen to discuss the options.

Prof. Louise O. Fresco

President, Executive Board

Wageningen University & Research

Jan Karel Mak

Chair, Board

University Fund Wageningen